Roofing &Pond Supporting Systems


Roofing system is more than just a flat surface covered in membrane. Applicators find themselves needing to work around corners, pipes, and other penetrations. That’s where Trump Eco’s prefabricated accessories, sealing accessories and fasteners accessories come into play – to

make the roofing installation process as seamless as possible.

We have also developed a series of supporting products: seam tape, cover tape, patch tape and flashing to form a complete EPDM pond impermeable system.

Product Introduction

Product Tags

Product Specifications

Type    Items
Prefabricated accessories corners, drains and wraps, etc.
Sealing accessories tape, sealant and walkway pad, etc.
Fasteners accessories screws, plates, termination bar and welding machine, etc.
Seam tape Used to create a seam one membrane to another
Cover tape Used to flash in metal drip edge and other single plane flashing
Patch tape Used to repair damage (such as cuts, nicks, gouges, and holes)
 Flashing Used for flashing details, T-patches and filed seams incorporating angle changes
 Underlayment Using the protective underlayment is always recommended

Preformed System

Special design for TPO PVC EPDM and self

-adhering waterproof system

Diversity customization is great helpful fon saving both time and labor cost

Pond liner accessories


A series of fastening parts including

sleeves,washers ,clips ,srcews battens and

installlaion equipent are contribute to mechani

cal fasten of roofing projects. lt is important support for one stop solution

Roofing Accessories

Sealing Systems

A tiny failure often ruins the whole project. How to prevent joint -leakaging,which is usually

seen when details treatment .So choosing our

butyl tape and silicone sealant is crucial action

EPDM accessory
Pond tape

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