HDPE (non asphalt based) polymer self-adhesive waterproof membrane


1. Good weather resistance, strong stability and strong adaptability to base deformation;
2. Manual trampling will not pollute the coil: high strength plastic substrate is used, with strong puncture resistance. Laboratory test and engineering practice show that the special polymer self-adhesive film and anti adhesion layer can still achieve effective integration with post cast structural concrete under the condition of a small amount of dust and sand;
3. Anti groundwater immersion: the membrane does not contain migration components such as plasticizer, and has excellent performance in water immersion resistance. It can still be inseparable from concrete structure after long-term immersion in underground engineering;
4. Strong deformation resistance: uneven settlement requires high strength and good extensibility of waterproof layer;
5. Full adhesion without water channeling: good elongation at break, pre paving anti adhesion method and the main body of the structure form a skin type waterproof structure, which deforms together and is not affected by the tension between the structure and the base deformation.

Product Introduction

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Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane

It is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet, polymer strong reaction self-adhesive membrane and special isolation membrane protective layer. It is a kind of multi-layer composite waterproof material with superior performance specially developed for the parts of underground projects that need to be constructed by pre paving method. The material has good tensile strength and tear strength. It is a new type of waterproof material with excellent performance in underground engineering.

Under the action of pressure, the polymer self-adhesive film and the cement slurry without initial setting in the concrete will creep through the anti adhesion layer to form an effective interpenetrating bond and a huge intermolecular force. After the concrete is solidified, the gap between the polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproof membrane and the main structure is permanently sealed to the maximum extent, and the water channeling channel is completely eliminated.

No. Item Standard Value
1 Tension /(N/50mm) ≥ 600
2 Elongation (%) ≥ 400
3 Tear strength of nail rod (N ) ≥ 400
4 Resistance to water channeling (hydraulic gradient) No water channeling at 0.8MPa/35mm for 4h
5 Low-temperature flexibility No crack in adhesive layer - 25℃
6 Peel strength with concrete with no treatment /(N/mm)≥ 1.5
7 Peel strength with concrete after thermal aging/(N/mm) ≥ 1.0
8 Peel strength with concrete after UV treatment/(N/mm) ≥ 1.0
9 Heat resistance No displacement, flow and slip at 80℃ for 2h


Applied to waterproof and damp proofing engineering constructions for various underground buildings, cave depots, tunnels, subways and other municipal construction buildings etc.

Product description

HDPE polymer self-adhesive membrane (non-bitumen-based) waterproof sheet is made of various polymer
sheets as base materials covered with one self-adhesive layer and with the isolating membrane or sand layer as the isolatinglayer. Moreover, the polymer sheet includes various plastics such as HDPE, TPO, PVC, EVA, ECB, and elastomer such as EPDM.


Product features

(1) Form “skin-type” waterproof effect, eradicating water channeling.

(2) When qualified, directly assemble the reinforcement and pour the structural concrete.

(3) Convenient construction, short construction period.

(4) Excellent resistance puncture and weather, and long lifetime.

(5) Good bonding effect.



(1) Municipal works: Subway station and subway running tunnel.

(2) Highway: Highway tunnel.

(3) High-speed railway: High-speed railway running tunnel

(4) Industrial and civil building: Basement foundation slab and side wall constructed in the method of external prevention and internal pasting.


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