Textured HDPE Geomembrane (High-Density Polyethylene)


● Surface Type  :Smooth ,Textured,Sand finish

● Material Options :HDPE ,LLDPE MDPE etc
● Thickness :1.0mm(40mil),1.2mm(45mil), 1.5mm(60mil)2.0mm(80mil) or customized
● Width:5.8m (19ft), 8m(26ft),  or customized
● Color: Black,White or customized
● Stand:GRI-GM13,CE,ISO9001

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Textured High-Density Polyethylene

HDPE geomembrane liners are the preferred product for lining projects.  HDPE liners are resistant to many different solvents and are the most widely used geomembrane liner in the world. Although HDPE geomembrane is less flexible than LLDPE, it provides higher specific strength and can withstand higher temperatures.  Its exceptional chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties make it an extremely cost-effective product.


Trump Eco textured geomembrane is aco-extrudedtexturedhigh-densitypolyethylene(HDPE)geomembraneavailableononeorbothsides.ltis manufactured withthehighestqualityresinspecficallyformulatedfor flexiblegeomembranes. Thisproductisusedin applications thatrequire increased frictionairesistance, excellent chemicalresistance andendurance properties.Thisproduct specificationmeets GRI-GM13. Single Sided (SST)and Double Sided (DST).

ThicknessLowest individual reading ASTMD 5994 every roll mil (mm) 100(2.50)90(2.25)
Density ASTMD 1505 200,000 Ib(90,000 kg) Glcm3 (min) 0.940
Tensile Properties(Each Direction)Strength at BreakStrength at Yield

Elongation at Break

Elongation at Yield

ASTM D 6693,Type lvDumbell. 2 ipmG.L.2.0in (50mm)G.L. 1.3in (33mm) 20,000 lb(9,000 kg) lb/in-width (N/mm)lb/in-width(N/mm)%




Tear Resistance

ASTMD 1004 45,000 lb (20,000 kg) lb(N) 70(311)
Puncture Resistance ASTM D 4833 45,000 lb (20,000 kg) lb(N) 150(667)
Carbon Black Content ASTMD 1603*/4218 20,000 lb (9,000 kg) %(range) 2.0-3.0
Carbon Black Dispersion ASTM D 5596 45,000 lb (20,000 kg)   Note")
Asperity Height ASTMD 7466 Second roll mil (mm) 18(0.45)
Notched Constant TensileLoad(2) ASTM D 5397,Appendix 200,000 Ib(90,000 kg) hr 500
Oxidative lnduction Time ASTM D 3895.200"c;o2. 1 atm 200,000Ib(90,0O0kg) hr >100
Roll Lenath(3) Double-Sided Textured ft (m) 164(50)
Single-Sided Textured ft (m) 164(50)
Roll Width(3) ft (m) 19(5.8)
Roll Area Double-Sided Textured f2(m2) 3,116(290)
Double-Sided Textured f2(m2) 3,116(290)


Roll Lengths and widths have a tolerance of士1%.

HDPE Smooth is availlable in rolls weighing approximately 1.,598 Ib (725 kg).

Allgeomembraneshave dimensionalstability of 2% whentested acordingto ASTMD 1204andLTBof .77'Cwhen tested acsodingto ASTMD746.

This data is provided for informational purposes only. TrumpEco makes no warranties asto the suiltabiliy or the finess for a spedific use or merchantability of the products referred to, no guarantee of satistactory results from reliance upon contained information or recommendations anddisclaims lliability from resulting loss or damage, This information is subject to change without notice, please check with us for current updates.


  • Irrigation ponds, canals, ditches & water reservoirs
  • Mining heap leach & slag tailing ponds
  • Golf course & decorative ponds
  • Landfill cells, covers, & caps
  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Secondary containment cells/systems
  • Liquid containment
  • Environmental containment
  • Soil Remediation

Technical Notes

  • HDPE is a very technical product to work with. It must be installed by certified welding technicians using specialized welding equipment to ensure performance.
  • Installations are temperature and poor weather sensitive.
  • 40 mil HDPE liner requires extra effort to ensure that the subgrade is in excellent condition. It is suitable as an upgrade from products like the 20 mil RPE for larger installations and is an excellent secondary containment liner on multi-layer systems (for example; subgrade, geotextile layer, 40 mil HDPE layer, drainage net layer, 60 mil HDPE layer, geotextile layer, fill.)
  • 60 mil HDPE liner is the staple of the industry and is suitable for most applications.
  • 80 mil HDPE liner is a thicker design for more aggressive subgrades.

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